At Billings, we base our service on our mission statement, Engage Explore Exceed. In this we mean that we look to Engage with you, our clients to understand exactly what you are looking to achieve with us. We endeavor to Explore every aspect of your dealings in order that you are aware and advised of implications that may arise and lastly, we look to Exceed your expectations of our service at all times.

We believe the days of the old stuffed shirt lawyer are gone and our clients look for a professional service more in keeping with their wishes and today's world. We pride ourselves on our approach to client care that has technology very much at it's core. We recently became one of the first businesses in Taranaki to take up the opportunity of a fibre optic broadband connection and engage with our technology focused clients in the blink of an eye.

With over 85 years of serving our clients and the community, Billings are committed to understanding the needs of our clients.  We are focused on establishing long and rewarding relationships with our clients by providing professional and friendly legal service. We pride ourselves in promoting excellence within all areas of our practice and we continually develop our skills to provide outstanding legal representation.

We'd love you to browse our website and have a read through our services. You can even take a look at our lawyers and we would encourage you to contact us. We're people too.

You'll see that we're not just any old lawyers....we are Your Lawyers.