Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman

Tim grew up in New Plymouth and attended Spotswood College before heading to Otago University to complete a degree in Law and a Science degree in Physiology and Psychology. 

Tim joined Billings in 1993 and has been a partner in the Commercial/Property team since 1999. 

Tim works with a number of Taranaki’s leading businesses in the areas of contracts, acquisitions, corporate structures and finance. Tim also has an extensive property law practice including house sales and purchases, landlord and tenant issues, land subdivision and property development. 

Tim is also highly regarded in the areas of Trust law, Wills and Estate administration. 

Thanks for your help and kindness shown to Mum and Dad over the years, our family holds you and your company in high regard and are very much aware that our parents felt the same. For a stranger in the room you would have thought Tim was one of our family...to our parents and indeed to our family you have been exactly that and it’s a credit to you as a person and your staff that clients feel that way.’ - G Crossman

Giving back to the community is important to Tim. Throughout his entire career he has been an active and committed volunteer for many organisations including:

  • Hospice Taranaki - current Board member, and a Trustee of Hospice Foundation Trust for 6 years,
  • Spotswood College Alumni - Trustee since it was formed 13 years ago,
  • FC Western Football Club for 10 years,
  • Shorinji Kempo Martial Arts Club for 15 years, as treasurer and and has been teaching weekly classes free of charge for the last 4 years. He started womens' self defence classes from this club, with the gold coin donations all going to the Taranaki Retreat,
  • New Plymouth Golf Club - Board member and on the Future Planning Committee for 5 years,
  • Central Primary School - Board of Trustees for 6 years,
  • He has coached junior football over the years, and done a range of pro bono work as a solicitor for many community organisations.

Outside of the law and his extensive community work, Tim enjoys many sports and outdoor activities.

Title Director
Area Property, Business, Banking & Finance, Trusts, Estates
Email tcoleman@billings.co.nz