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30 January 2018 | Alexa Carey, Associate

Proposed Overhaul of Employment Law Could Impact Employers

With the new government in full swing, Labour has proposed significant changes to employment legislation.

21 December 2017 | From the entire team at Billings Lawyers

Seasons Greetings

Our office is on holidays from 3pm Friday 22nd December until 8.30am on Monday 8th January 2018.

31 October 2017 | Ciaran King and Richard Williams

“Stand and Deliver. Your money or your…Business” - Debt Recovery 101

Recovering business debts may sometimes feel like trying to get blood out of a stone. But it doesn't have to.

18 October 2017 | Richard Williams

The Importance of Having a Life Plan

Life plans are about protecting your loved ones. They are about helping other people deal with the curve balls that life might throw at you.

03 October 2017 | Alexa Carey, Associate

Contracting Out Agreements and Wills – A ‘Love’ Story.

The recent case of Love v Scannell – [2017] NZFLR 226 highlights the importance of regularly reviewing and updating your will, particularly if you are also making ...

14 June 2017 | Richard Williams

"Lock it or Lose it” – The Importance of Asset Protection for Business ...

Owning a business is extremely rewarding, but it’s not without risk.

31 March 2017 | Alexa Carey, Associate

Spousal Maintenance - What Is It And What Are Your Rights?

A spousal maintenance order requires one party to a relationship to provide for the reasonable financial needs of their partner when a relationship ends. Read on to ...

20 December 2016 | Billings Your Lawyers

Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings from all of us at Billings.

26 September 2016 | Richard Williams


A Shareholders Agreement contains a set of tailor made private rules that bind the shareholders and the company to act in a way that all parties have agreed to.

22 September 2016 | Learndra Hurliman/Alexa Mihailoff

Legal Aid - How it Works

If you or someone you know needs Legal Aid but you are unsure about what it involves here is a helpful summary.

18 August 2016 | Alexa Mihailoff

Redundancy and Restructuring – Protecting Your Interests as an Employer ...

If you are an employer or employee and you would like guidance around the restructure and redundancy process to ensure your interests are protected, contact us.

09 August 2016 | Richard Williams/Alexa Mihailoff


Employee's actions don't negate employer's obligations under HSE legislation