In order to understand how best to protect your affairs, your assets and your family, we look to Explore your entire asset base and develop solutions that allow you to put those complex financial and legal issues behind you, enjoy life, and live every day with the knowledge that you, your partner, and your family have the protection they need.

We also provide expert advice to our older clients allowing them to make informed choices about aspects of the law which have a direct effect on their lifestyle during their golden years, such as Retirement Village purchases and Rest Home care.  Click here for further information.

Our specialists will guide you through this complex area of law in an easy to understand manner that sees you in control.

Asset Protection

A trust is a very convenient and often flexible ownership structure. There are many different kinds of trusts, which are formed for different reasons. Before establishing a Trust, we believe our clients must give careful consideration to:

  • Who the trustees and beneficiaries should be and why.
  • What property the trust should hold.
  • What taxation consequences there might be for you and the trust.
  • What the purposes of the trust are.
  • Whether the trust fits in with the rest of your estate planning.

Life Planning

We can prepare your Will and your Powers of Attorney. Everyone over the age of 18 should have a Will. Powers of Attorney are also an important legal document which should not be overlooked, especially if you are heading overseas or you are put in a position where you are unable to make decisions regarding your property or your personal care and welfare. We can assist you in deciding on the most appropriate asset ownership structure and how they will be passed on to your family.

We offer advice on all aspects of Retirement Village living from the initial ‘purchase’ contract through to exit costs.  Because not all Villages are created equal it is essential that you are fully informed of the various options before making any big decisions (it is also a legal requirement that you see your solicitor before signing any of the documents).

We also offer advice in relation to residential care subsidy applications (which can be particularly important in light of recent changes to rest home subsidy criteria) and all the aspects involved with entering into Rest Home care.

Estate Administration

When the time comes, we can complete the administration of your estate quickly and efficiently.  We assist your trustees carry out and complete the administration of your estate and ensure that your testamentary directions are adhered to.

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