Care of Children

Our team has significant expertise in managing disputes involving the care of children.  There were major changes to the way these disputes can be managed within the Family Court and we can assist you with the new process or with resolving matters without Court intervention.  We have lawyers within the team who can provide advice under Legal Aid and the Family Legal Advice Service.

Contracting Out Agreements

A Contracting Out Agreement should be entered into if you do not want the standard provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 to apply to your relationship.  Your intention might be to protect property acquired before your relationship began that the other person may become entitled to after three years of living together.  Alternatively, it might be to provide certainty around how property will be classified in the event of your death.  A good Agreement will provide clear rules around how your property will be divided if the relationship ends.  We can speak to you about your situation and whether a Contracting Out Agreement might be a good option for you. 

Child Youth and Family

We can assist you with any queries in this area, from enquiries of social workers, representing your interests with regard to children under the care of the department, or answering concerns regarding the care and welfare of children.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are the subject of domestic violence in an abusive relationship, be it serious physical, psychological, verbal or sexual abuse, we can assist in remedying your situation. We can help you to apply for a Protection Order, urgently if necessary. You may also have been served with a protection order and want to know how to deal with this. We can assist in all enquiries regarding your rights and obligations under the Domestic Violence Act.


You may wish to obtain a Paternity Order declaring someone to be the father of your child, whether for Child Support or WINZ purposes. We can assist you with the process involved in DNA testing, and Applications for Paternity Proceedings.

Relationship Separation

We can provide advice upon the breakdown of a relationship, including how to divide your assets and property, planning childcare arrangements, child support, trusts, superannuation, life insurance and other matters.  It is important to obtain clear legal advice around your rights and obligations if your relationship ends. 


Whether you wish to enquire about adoption, or to apply to adopt a child with your partner or on your own, we can assist in this area

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