Described as Litigation, legal action in a court room environment may involve debt collection, estate disputes, or complex commercial arguments.
This can be a daunting and deeply worrying process for most, but we are equipped with the knowledge and the skill base to ensure you are best advised as to how to proceed at any point.

Regardless of what type of Court case you are taking or defending we can assist you with advice and representation. We appear regularly in the District and High Courts in a wide range of cases including criminal, traffic and civil.

Debt collecting
Whether you are owed money by an individual, a partnership or a company, we can advise you on the most cost-effective way to seek recovery and, if proceedings are appropriate, represent you in the District or High Court.

Dispute Resolution
We live in an increasingly confrontational society and people become involved in a wide range of disputes on which legal advice and assistance is important and helpful. We are experienced at both formal and informal negotiation and mediation of all kinds of disputes. If negotiations fail we can issue or defend any kind of Court proceedings for you.

Criminal law

We are able to assist with criminal defence matters and Court representation.

Estate claims
If you think you have received inadequate provision under a relative's Will or are dissatisfied about the way an estate is being administered, we can advise you and, if proceedings are appropriate, represent you in the Family or High Court.

Tribunal Cases
Our society is regulated by numerous administrative tribunals and we can advise you and represent you in all aspects of tribunal hearings and appeals from tribunal decisions, including employment and ACC cases.

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