Sales and Purchases

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, subdividing or building on land, we can assist. If purchasing, we can assist you with due diligence process.  If subdividing land or adjusting a boundary, we can co-ordinate the process and liaise with your accountant, surveyor, bank and Local Authorities. We advise on your rights as a purchaser, vendor, tenant or landlord.


Whether you lend or borrow money, we prepare and arrange for mortgages to be registered. We prepare and arrange for Security Interests and Agreements to be registered under the Personal Properties Securities Act. We advise and tailor your Securities to suit your specific requirements.


We can advise you on all legal matters relating to your personal and businesses' financial requirements. We advise on all matters relating to the Personal Property Securities Act and the Register, Bank Loans, Hire Purchases, Guarantees and Mortgages.  We also liaise with your Accountant to ensure you have the most efficient business structure in place in terms of asset planning, taxation compliance and other financial matters.

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